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When the heat of seduction sparks a fire, someone is bound to get burned.

The best of two worlds collide in this intensely provocative and addicting psychological thriller series. Full of steam and scream, seduction, and deception, the Collateral Damage series is fast-paced, witty, and sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

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A Killer's Tears, Collateral Damage Book 1

Available Now!

In A Killer’s Tears, an adult webcam performer with a tumultuous past, Alisha Thompson, finds herself at the center of a media storm when her husband is brutally murdered. As the number one suspect and now incarcerated, Alisha grapples with doubts about her own innocence.


As she navigates the difficulties of prison life, she can’t help but wonder: is she seeking justice? Or perhaps, revenge?

The Darkness in Her, Collateral Damage Book 2

Available now!

The Darkness in Her shifts focus to Ivy Rogers, who, after a failed open marriage, strives to reclaim her estranged husband. Juggling motherhood and an overwhelming desire for her old lifestyle, Ivy's self-destructive choices lead her straight to legal trouble.


With a divorce looming overhead and a questionable past now threatening her freedom, will Ivy’s actions finally catch up with her? Or will she find a way to manipulate the justice system once again?

The Silent Killers, Collateral Damage Book 3

Available now!

In The Silent Killers, Alisha, determined to avenge her husband's death, takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Ivy, thinking she's outsmarted everyone, faces unforeseen challenges of her own. Secrets unravel rapidly, and the lives of the women soon intersect in a delicious web of deceit.


The Collateral Damage series climaxes in a tense showdown as all the hidden truths are brought to the surface in this shocking conclusion.

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